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NEW KIT ORDER FORM November 2011 (Includes new HOODIES) 

Sutton Swimming Club's swimmers are proud to wear the club's colours - royal blue and white - so a range of kit, most emblazoned with the club's logo, is available at very reasonable cost. Click on the download icon below to download a kit order form detailing the range of items available, their sizes and costs. If you have any questions, please do speak to a member of the committee.



New rules on competition swimwear

Early in 2010 new rules are due to be introduced that may affect your choice of new swimwear.

While full guidance has yet to be published we can provide the following heads-up.

All swimmers must note that only one swimsuit may be worn at a time - Sounds obvious, but some swimmers have found it to be advantageous to wear 2 suits due to the effects that this has in reducing drag. This will not be permitted in competition.

All swimsuits must be in one or two pieces only.

No swimsuit shall cover the neck.

Swimsuits will not be permitted to extend below the knee. Clarification is awaited, but the expectation is that this means the swimsuit legs must stop no lower than the top of the knee.

As and when further details are received, we will endeavour to keep you posted. Meanwhile, please note that some swimwear retailers are actively discounting costumes that they know will be banned in the new year. Be aware, and if you have any concerns please speak to a member of the coaching staff or a committee member.